Balcony Flooring Tips


Need to Know Before Purchasing Balcony Flooring Tiles

Not all composite decking tiles are the same. The right blend of wood to plastic is essential in preventing water absorption. The deck tile “cap” is a protective layer and should be glossy, not matte finished. A glossy cap prevents tile warping, scuff marks, stains and fading from...

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Content Customer on Beautiful Terrace by Outdoor Floors and NewT

Balcony Floors Add Value

It was clearly apparent after my first balcony floor installation (my own condo in 2008), the new floor completely transformed the feeling of the place.  The interlocking 12-by-12-inch rubber deck tiles had made the concrete pad disappear.  It became an extension of my usable space.   Cool stuff!   It...

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Balcony Flooring Issue 1a- Outdoor Flooring Toronto

Balcony Flooring DIY-Gone-Awry

Outdoor flooring DIY is not always simple.  First, the deck tiles will likely need cutting to fit to the condo balcony’s length and width.  Second, there is usually some sort of obstruction on the outdoor floor that also requires cutting tiles.  Third, to minimize cuts and avoid making smaller...

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Earth Brown and Teak Composite Deck Tiles for Outdoor Use

Review of the Best Outdoor Flooring Deck Tile Products 2021

In Toronto, Canada and just about any urban center elsewhere in Canada and USA, many big box hardware stores offer special flooring products for outdoor use. Some consumers will install these clickable, interlocking deck tiles on their own condo balcony and rooftop terrace floors. Others hire companies like us to...

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