Balcony Floors Add Value

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Balcony Floors Add Value

Why Install Balcony Flooring?

It was clearly apparent after my first balcony floor installation (my own condo in 2008), the new floor completely transformed the feeling of the place.  The interlocking 12-by-12-inch rubber deck tiles had made the concrete pad disappear.  It became an extension of my usable space.   Cool stuff!   It now offered a comforting invitation year-round to venture outside.  No shoes required… more room to play in!  

It was summertime and the weather was great—particularly comforting in the warm nights when the balcony now offered new usable floor space Warmth, calm winds, sounds of traffic below, and with the cold concrete now history, I quickly fell in love. More time was spent that summer outdoors and less hours watching TV.

My guests loved it too.  Such a simple thing!… this new floor opened my place up, offering more space for us to hang out, talk and walk.  Separate conversations. Separate spaces.  We would inevitaby congregate outside on the “new” balcony.

The elation was almost palpable: Balcony flooring provides freedom by removing a barrier to the outside world.  Outdoor floors expand living space; they customize the balcony or terrace and make it a memorable place to explore year-round.


Both Images — Older (first-generation) interlocking 12×12-inch rubber tiles on my balcony (2008).  Although not aesthetically pleasing, the new outdoor floor gave a strong sense of freedom to explore.  Powerful stuff!

Although the seasons changed, this inviting outdoor patio living space did not. Clearly visible from the indoors, its rugged beauty augmented the visual appeal of my home. It didn’t take long to realize this expanded living space was now a part of my placeIt’ll probably raise resale value, I thought. Not only was I right, the new buyer later mentioned how the balcony flooring left her with a lasting impression. Good stuff!   Maybe this idea will sell?, the entrepreneur mused. 

Inside-Outside Condo Balcony View of Modular Deck Tiles

All photos:  Same balcony as above, but two years later and with wood-plastic composite deck tiles replacing the older rubber ones.


Function & Appeal

So, there’s function and appeal to balcony flooring. It expanded my usable living space (even in winter), removed the invisible barrier to the outside world (no need for shoes) and looked great from inside my condo year-round.  When I later sold the place, it was quite clear — outdoor flooring is worth every penny of investment!

Teak WPC- Life is great outdoors! 2020 Etobicoke balcony, near T

Images (left and right): Inviting views.  Other condo balconies viewed from inside.  Interlocking Teak 2×1′ composites in linear-staggered (left) and plain linear (right).  

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