Teak Composite Deck Tiles Project 3 | Outdoor Floors Toronto

Teak Composite Deck Tiles Project 3 | Outdoor Floors Toronto

Project Description

Project Details

Customer: H.D.
Date: March 18, 2022
Tile: Teak 2×1’ wood-plastic composite
Pattern: staggered
Orientation: horizontal

A mid-town Toronto condo balcony with 2×1’ Teak WPC deck tiles installed in a linear-staggered pattern and oriented horizontally. The staggered pattern is akin to a brick wall with each ‘module’ (brick or tile) overlapping a seam below. This relatively deep balcony (10’, whereas most are 5’) makes it even that much more inviting in addition to the warmth of the Teak deck tiles.

Several balcony railing posts made this balcony flooring installation challenging, particularly because of the 45-degree turn on the left side of this outdoor floor. This required tiles to be cut on an angle as well as to make precise fits to match the new floor to the rotated railing post footings. We use a special contour gauge/ruler thingie to map out the exact rotation of such obstructions.

The end result is a stunning extension of living space. The new balcony floor not only transforms the outdoor space into an inviting area for relaxation, it also changes the vibe inside the residence. This happens because the warmth of the Teak deck tiles on the balcony is visible from inside the condo.

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