Balcony Flooring = FREEDOM

More room to play.  That’s all we need to say. 


Teak Wood-Plastic Composites

Teak 2×1’s look and feel amazing.  They’re also incredibly durable and do not need staining. 

Rooftop Terrace Flooring

No more need for shoes!

Capped Wood-Plastic Composites (WPC) are Amazing

A semigloss cap provides resistance to stains, scuff marks and mould in addition to fading from UV light.

Recycled Rubber Patio Floor Tiles

Super-durable as well as slip- and impact-resistant. These tiles have become less popular than our capped WPCs.

Welcome To The Outdoor Floors

~Making balconies comfortable in Toronto, GTA & Beyond!~

Balcony flooring with durable materials

What We Do?

Balcony Flooring:  We supply and install stylish and durable interlocking deck tiles on balconies, patios and terraces We serve Toronto and GTA.  

Our floors are floating.  They’re not fastened to the underlying floor, and are permissible by condo regulations. 

Why Choose Us?

We offer affordably priced options while delivering high quality products with superior workmanship. 

We enjoy meeting with each customer individually to provide informed decision-making with the right deck tile product and outdoor floor design.

Who We Are?

Outdoor Floors has over 7 years experience in the balcony flooring business. We live in condos and apartments too and understand the need to optimize living space.  

Once a balcony floor is installed, you will immediately be impressed by the expanded living space.  It will also change the “feel” inside your residence.

COVID-Safe Protocols

We are extremely careful and aware of the need to maintain safety for our clients and staff.  We wear masks and gloves and will minimize time spent inside your residence.  Universal precautions are always important to us!

Our Mission

To offer condo and apartment residents an amazing alternative to their boring concrete balcony floors.  We transform outdoor floors into inviting living spaces with our highly durable and maintenance-free outdoor deck tiles.

We are dedicated to offering a range of new, innovative and eco-friendly products with expert installations at affordable prices.

With the growing number of low- and high-rise residents, we are poised to meet the growing market demand.

We enjoy meeting with each customer individually to help them select the right balcony flooring deck tile products and design for their needs.

Population Toronto & GTA (2016)


of Toronto Households are in Condos and Apartments


Population Growth Toronto (2006-2016)


Apartment floorspace is becoming limited as Toronto grows larger and denser. It’s time to optimize all space afforded to us including the balcony, patio or terrace.


Apartment floor-space is becoming limited as Toronto grows larger and denser. It’s time to optimize all space afforded to us, including the balcony, patio or terrace.


Apartment floor-space is becoming limited as Toronto grows larger and denser. It’s time to optimize all space afforded to us, including the balcony, patio or terrace.


Apartment floor-space is becoming limited as Toronto grows larger and denser. It’s time to optimize all space afforded to us, including the balcony, patio or terrace.

Awesome Balcony Flooring Ideas

We have what you need for your outdoor floor regardless of whether you rent an apartment or own a condo or house.  Tiles can be picked up and packed easily, anytime!  
We carefully scrutinize our outdoor flooring products for durability, visual appeal and minimal need for maintenance.  Speaking of which, our deck tile floors are easily cleaned with a house vacuum and good ‘ol spray mop at least once annually.  


We love creativity, new ideas and new products. Learning is central not only to who we are as people, but also to keep our business healthy by keeping up to date with technology and most importantly, what people want.

Check out our Work


We work closely with customers to ensure they get what they desire. If you’re unhappy then we’re unhappy, so we’ll do whatever it takes to remedy any issue.


Our wood-plastic composite patio flooring tiles are designed for year-round use despite Toronto’s harsh climate. These clickable, modular deck tiles withstand the elements and do not need to be stored for winter.  Tiles sit atop firm plastic bases that not only connects them together, they also have two purposes:  1) In-built water channels allow for rain water drainage, and, 2) Ventilation holes encourage airflow and evaporation.  Slats are non-slip and absorb heel strike force. Most importantly, they feel great on bare feet!


We offer a wide variety of high-quality composite flooring tiles. We’ve learned that composites are KING of outdoor flooring.  

We will help you pick the right decktile for your outdoor space. It will expand your living space and give a sense of freedom and enjoyment for many years to come.


Our composite tiles are made from recycled materials.  When wood shavings and plastics are combined in the right mix and melted down, they become stronger than the sum of their parts.  This is what is known as wood-plastic composites, or more commonly, “composites“.

Then there’s the protective cap layer.  This vital structure is the barrier to stains, scuff marks, fading and decay/mould growth.  The best WPCs are ones with a glossy (or semigloss) cap membrane.  Beware of matte-finished  composites masquerading as “capped composites”.  They’re not!


• Our capped composite tiles come with a 5-year Manufacturer’s Warranty

5-year Installation Service Warranty (workmanship)

• If you have any issues with your new outdoor floor, then we’ll be on it as soon as you notify us. We take pride in our work and stand 100% behind our products. That’s a promise!

A Fantastic Variety Of Deck Tile Options

We offer a wide array of outdoor flooring deck tiles.  For wood-plastic composites (WPCs), the key to their exceptional durability is a semigloss cap with just the right blend of wood and plastic.  Ipe hardwood, while a fantastic material, requires staining to prevent greying.  

We deal primarily with NewTechWood Canada as we have found their tiles to be superior and easier to work with. 

Logo- NewTechWood

High Quality at Great prices!

We’re dirt cheap, err… well, not really dirt cheap but affordable cheap!  Bottom line?  We charge less than our competitors and offer hassle-free, custom balcony floor installations.  We have the advantage of minimal overhead expenses.  We pass these savings on to our customers. No fooling around.


Pricing for supply and custom installation of our deck tiles averages between $14.99 and $19.99 per square foot*

*Prices vary based on size and complexity of your outdoor space (eg. odd shapes and obstructions) in addition to the type of deck tile


Toronto Census Data (2019)


Toronto Households in Low- and High-Rises

(593,515 in 2016)


Toronto Households in Houses (2019)


Percent Of Housing Completions Are Low- Or High-Rise Condos


Percent Reduction In Apartment Size Over 15 Years

Awesome projects, Superior Workmanship at Outdoor Floors

Here you will find our past works.  We take pride in our top-notch craftsmanship and won’t stop an outdoor flooring installation until we’re satisfied. This makes us happy not to mention our customers.  After all, there must be a good reason why we receive great (and non-fake) reviews!

One might think it’s easy to install modular floor tiles on a concrete balcony or terrace.  Sure, the easy part is to plop ’em down and click them together.  Soon enough though, this will come to an end when you reach the balcony edges or obstructions such as railing posts.  To avoid installation issues and to ensure your new outdoor floor looks great, deck tiles need to be properly cut to custom fit them to your outdoor terrace, patio, porch or balcony. 

We’ve found the key to efficiency and workmanship is to carefully choose the initial deck tile layout prior to installation.  This will minimize waste and smaller pieces at the balcony’s windward edge (making them prone to becoming projectiles in heavy winds).  Our knowledge along with proper tools allow us to custom install your outdoor flooring to avoid problems and to look great.  Why skimp on the outside when your inside residence is your castle?

Deck tile quality is extremely important when choosing your outdoor floor.  Cheap lightweight plastics and acacia wood tiles are not suited to the harsh Toronto climate.  Light weight plastic floors can break up and even be carried away in high winds.  Acacia deck tiles are highly prone to irregular fading as well as to mold, moss and decay.  We are the specialists when it comes to outdoor decking tiles, armed with the experience needed to select ones that are durable and maintenance-free.

Customer Testimonials & Awards

We have not filtered these Google reviews.  Nothing is hidden.  This can be corroborated on our Google Maps business page (offsite link).

Rebecca M. Ryder AvatarRebecca M.

Darryl provided an excellent customer service experience. He was responsive and professional and he is very knowledgeable. The... read more - 01/05/21 

Tobi Bongard AvatarTobi B.

Outdoor Floors is a remarkable company!!! From the initial consult to the finished product and installation, they were professional, knowledgeable,... read more - 28/04/21 

Armand Moyal AvatarArmand M.

Not reliable. My parents waited for product for over 9 months instead of 3 months as promised. Once the product... read more - 27/04/21 

Nancy Rockel AvatarNancy R.

The company was excellent. Couldn't have been happier with the flooring product and installation on my condo balcony. Once I... read more - 01/04/21 

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