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Here is our amazing gallery of previous outdoor floor installations. We take pride in top-notch craftsmanship and won’t stop until we’re satisfied.  This translates to happy customers.  After all, there must be good reason we receive great (and not fake) reviews!

We are outdoor flooring experts in Toronto but also cater to the GTA and outlying areas.  We’re happy to travel don’t ya know?  Just ask!

We deal primarily with wood-plastic composite deck tiles but also offer rubber outdoor flooring tiles.  These are just as durable, if not more than WPC, and are better suited to those on a restricted budget.

To learn more on rubber deck tiles, check out “Easy Tile” at Multy Home.  Costco calls them “Urbana”.  

One might think it’s easy to install modular floor tiles on a concrete balcony or terrace.  Sure, the easy part is to plop ’em down and click them together.  Soon enough though, this will come to an end when you reach the balcony edges or obstructions such as railing posts.  To avoid installation issues and to ensure your new outdoor floor looks great, deck tiles need to be properly cut to custom fit them to your outdoor terrace, patio, porch or balcony. 

We’ve found the key to efficiency and workmanship is to carefully choose the initial deck tile layout prior to installation.  This will minimize waste and smaller pieces at the balcony’s windward edge (making them prone to becoming projectiles in heavy winds).  Our knowledge along with proper tools allow us to custom install your outdoor flooring to avoid problems and to look great.  Why skimp on the outside when your inside residence is your castle?

Deck tile quality is extremely important when choosing your outdoor floor.  Cheap lightweight plastics and acacia wood tiles are not suited to the harsh Toronto climate.  Light weight plastic floors can break up and even be carried away in high winds.  Acacia deck tiles are highly prone to irregular fading as well as to mold, moss and decay.  We are the specialists when it comes to outdoor decking tiles, armed with the experience needed to select ones that are durable and maintenance-free.