Light Grey (Smoke White) Outdoor Floor Tiles

Feb 7, 2021

Light Grey (Smoke White) Outdoor Flooring

Project Details

Light grey (Smoke White) outdoor flooring tiles are  the coolest (literally) deck tiles thanks to their light-reflective properties.

This installation was done in an “angular-herringbone” pattern of balcony flooring.  It is set at a 45-degree angle relative to the long axis of the balcony, (for “regular” herringbone, which is installed at 90 degrees to the long axis, see here).  Wastage is higher for this pattern, typically 15% instead of the 5-10% usual norm.  Installation also takes longer because of the increased complexity.

Light grey (Smoke White) is a very high quality, capped wood-plastic composite from NewTechWood Canada.  They’re called “Quickdeck Tiles” and are fantastic to work with not to mention incredibly durable.  They will likely last over 20 years and the protective, semigloss cap makes them resistant to staining, scuff marks, fading from UV light and mould.

Great stuff!


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