Charcoal Rubber Balcony Flooring

Charcoal Rubber Balcony Flooring

Project Description

Project Details

Product: Charcoal Rubber 1×1’

Pattern: Parquet checkerboard on the Ground Floor and Linear on the 2nd floor balcony

Customer: W.W.

Location: Downtown Toronto



Multy Home’s “Urbana” balcony decking tiles look and feel great and are incredibly durable thanks to their rubber composition.  The ones seen in this project have a different surface pattern than the newer ones but are the same in overall structure.  These are interlocking floor tiles that fasten on two sides by rubber clips.  This allows us to create a variety of balcony flooring patterns including linear, parquet and herringbone.


In this Toronto balcony floor installation, we installed Multy’s Charcoal Rubber deck tiles on two balconies (on the ground floor and second floor).  Parquet (checkerboard) pattern was used downstairs whereas a simple, linear pattern was installed upstairs.


Benefits of Rubber Balcony Flooring:

  • More affordable than composite deck tiles
  • Maximal durability
  • Aesthetically pleasing
  • Comfortable on bare feet
  • Impact-resistant (to falling objects and foot (heel) strikes)
  • Ease of installation
  • Easy to lift out single tiles


Disadvantages of Rubber Deck Tiles:

  • Heat up to uncomfortable levels under direct sunlight (midday summer sun only) [Solution: area rug or slippers]
  • Harder to clean than composite outdoor flooring tiles [Solution: scrub with soap and water instead of mopping]
  • Don’t look quite as nice as WPCs do
  • Smaller pieces may become prone to lifting in high winds on high-rise balconies [Solution: Make sure cut pieces are installed on the interior edge (along sliding door) of the balcony instead of windward side

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