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Affordable balcony window cleaning, both inside and out.

Prices start at $75.


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Residential Balcony Window and Railing Glass Cleaning (accessible glass surfaces only)
Commercial Balcony Window and Railing Glass Cleaning (accessible glass surfaces only)
Balcony and Terrace Outdoor Flooring

It’s hard work cleaning your balcony or terrace windows.  It’s also your responsibility.  We’re here to help!


Condo regulations stipulate owners are responsible for cleaning both windows and balcony railing glass surfaces that are accessible from the balcony.  More specifically, the inside and outside of all reachable windows as well as the internal surface of balcony railing glass.  

“Your declaration may provide that the owners will maintain the windows that are accessible from each owner’s balcony, which would include window washing.” — Gerry Hyman, Condo Law Columnist, Toronto Star

Click on the button below for the full Toronto Star article on condo regulations, and your responsibilities when it comes to cleaning such “exclusive-use common elements”

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What's Included

  • Balcony window washing (external and internal windows*)
  • Balcony railing glass (both sides)
  • Friendly attitude with meticulous, great-quality work

How it Works

  • Measure how long (in feet or meters) your glass walls/railings are
  • Fill in the webform below
  • We will reply with a quote
  • Payment requested upon work completion and to your satisfaction
  • Payment to be made by email money transfer or cash


  • Pricing starts at $75 minimum** and includes balcony railing glass (both sides) and external windows
  • Add $25 for interior window glass
  • Add $25 for every additional 10 linear feet of glass (windows and balcony glass)

*Glass surfaces that are ACCESSIBLE from your balcony or terrace are being offered for cleaning

**Minimum price is for a standard 15-foot balcony or terrace

What You Can Expect From Us

Trusted & Experienced

We have a great reputation for a reason.  Our customers like us and they trust us.  

Reliable & Fully Insured

We show up when we say we will.  We’re covered, meaning that if anything breaks, we fix or replace!

No Contracts

No need to, because all communications between us (via e-mail) will serve as a contract.  However, if you want one, we’ll give you one.  

Satisfaction Guaranteed

What else can be said?  We’re not happy until a thorough and meticulous window cleaning job is done and only when you’re happy!

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Balcony and Terrace Outdoor Flooring

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What does "Total Linear Feet" mean?

It refers to how long an object is, in a single dimension (as opposed to “area” size, which requires two dimensions, length and width)

Simply use a measuring tape to determine the total length of wall with windows as well as length of your balcony railing glass.


Add the two measurements together to give us the TOTAL length of glass needing to be cleaned.